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    Thursday 1 October
    Session 1: Signal processing and synchronization
    • Towards a new architecture for autonomous data collection.
      T. J. Tanzi, Y. Roudier, L. Apvrille.

    • Assessment of band co-registration of a light-weight spectral frame camera for UAV.
      Antonio M. G. Tommaselli, Raquel A. Oliveira, Larissa Y. Nagai, Nilton N. Imai, Gabriela T. Miyoshi, Eija Honkavaara, Teemu Hakala.

    • Optimizing channel weights for digital surface models with snow coverage.
      Ruedi Boesch, Yves Bühler, Christian Ginzler, Marc Adams, Reinhard Fromm, Armin Graf.

    • UAV onboard photogrammetry and GPS positioning for earthworks.
      M. Daakir, M. Pierrot-Deseilligny, P. Bosser, F. Pichard, C. Thom.
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    Session 2: 3D data acquisition (I)
    • Height accuracy based on different RTK GPS methods for ultra-light aircraft images.
      Khairul Nizam Tahar.

    • Real-time 3D reconstruction from images taken from an UAV.
      A. Zingoni, M. Diani, G. Corsini, A. Masini.

    • UAV linear photogrammetry.
      V. Tournadre, M. Pierrot-Deseilligny, P.H. Faure.

    • Construction of digital elevation models of the environment with lightweight airborne radar: simulation results.
      R. Rouveure, M. Jaud, P. Faure, M.O. Monod and L. Moiroux-Arvis.

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    Session 3: Navigation & sensors
    • Implementation of real-time functionalities in the hardware of an intelligent ultra-light camera specialized for aerial photography.
      Ahmad Audi, Christophe Meynard, Marc Pierrot-Deseilligny, Christian Thom

    • A redundant GNSS-INS low-cost UAV navigation solution for professional applications
      J. Navarro, M.E. Parés, I. Colomina, G. Bianchi, S. Pluchino, R. Baddour, A. Consoli, J. Ayadi, A. Gameiro, O. Sekkas, V. Tsetsos, T. Gatsos, R. Navoni

    • Dedicated payloads for low altitude remote sensing in natural environments.
      Laurent Beaudoin, Loïca Avanthey, Antoine Gademer, Michel Roux, Jean-Paul Rudant

    • Coastal digital surface model on low contrast images.
      Ana-Maria Rosu, Michel Assenbaum, Ywenn De la Torre, Marc Pierrot-Deseilligny

    • Accuracy test of a miniaturized thermal infrared camera to be carried on board UAVs.
      David Gómez-Candón, Jean P. Lagouarde, Mark Irvine, Sylvain Labbé

    • System considerations and challenges in 3D mapping and modelling using low-cost UAV systems.
      Z. Lari, N. El-Sheimy
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    Friday 2 October
    Session 4: 3D data acquisition (II)
    • UAV-based acquisition of 3D point clouds - a comparison of a low-cost laser scanner and SfM-tools.
      D. Mader, R. Blaskow, P. Westfeld, H.-G. Maas

    • Comparing ICESat/GLAS based elevation heights with photogrammetric terrain heights from UAV-imagery on East Tibetan Plateau.
      F. Enßle, A. Fritz, B. Koch

    • Use of UAS in a high mountain landscape: the case of Gran Sommetta rock glacier (AO).
      E. Dall’Asta, R. Delaloye, F. Diotri, G. Forlani, M. Fornari, U. Morra di Cella, P. Pogliotti, R. Roncella, M. Santise

    • Potential of dense image matching for DSM generation in tropical forests using UAV images.
      Raquel A. Oliveira, Adilson Berveglieri, Antonio M. G. Tommaselli, Eija Honkavaara
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    Session 5: Agri-environnemental applications
    • UAV-borne thermal imaging for forest health monitoring: Detection of disease induced canopy temperature increase.
      M. Smigaj, R. Gaulton, S. L. Barr, J. C. Suárez

    • WiMUAS: Developing a tool to review wildlife data from various UAS flight plans.
      J. Linchant, S. Lhoest, S. Quevauvillers, J. Semeki, P. Lejeune, C. Vermeulen

    • Unmanned aerial vehicles for pre-harvest biomass estimation in willow (Salix spp.) coppice plantations.
      Rachel Gaulton, James Taylor, Neil Watkins.

    • Use of very high resolution airborne images to analyse 3D canopy architecture of a vineyard.
      S. Burgos, M. Mota, D. Noll, B. Cannelle
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    Session 6: Applications
    • UAV Data Processing for Rapid Mapping Activities.
      W. Tampubolon, W. Reinhardt

    • UAV application in coastal environment, exemple of the Oleron Island for dunes and dike survey.
      B. Guillot, F. Pouget

    • HOW MANY HIPPOS (HOMHIP): Algorithm for automatic counts of animals with infra-red thermal imagery from UAV
      S. Lhoest, J. Linchant, S. Quevauvillers, C. Vermeulen, P. Lejeune

    • Photogrammetry survey with a UAV and a long distance laser total station on an abandoned quarry.
      Henri Borreill, Christophe Puerto

    • Georeferencing of hot spots onto solar panels for inspection purpose.
      Yoann Jobard, Diane Michalon
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